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24 January 2006

Triumph of the Average Day

Okay, three posts in one day! I don't think this has ever happened before. But I just had to announce that the (Average Day Chart) actually worked! For the first time ever, I came home after being away and I wasn't lost. I can't say everything was perfect, but I wasn't lost. This is huge, enormous even.

My advice? Make a chart. For people like me, who find any unplanned event cause for confusion, it is a best friend.

18 January 2006

Chaos Controlled??

Ever since we returned from Florida {and it's been a few weeks}, I've felt a little off-center. I don't adjust well. If we are gone even a day, I might as well have been gone a month, because it always seems to take me forever to get back in the groove. Today, I tried to make that groove a bit easier to get back into.

Today was an Organizing Day for me, and I feel much better now, thanks for asking. I came up with a six-day chart boldly entitled "The Average Day." I am calling it a chart because I do not consider it a schedule, and if we miss a day of something, we will not be trying to make it up. We will simply move on, unencumbered, to the day called Today without looking back.

There really isn't much to it, for my days don't have much in them. But something about having it all written down helps me. I think it's that I like following rules, especially when I'm a bit disoriented, and this was like writing a whole bunch of them for myself. I feel much better when surrounded by structure.

So, anyone want details? Mondays we are out and about. In the Morning we have a prayer and play day at a friend's, and during nap that afternoon Si is home, and I run for groceries and supplies. Or if I have time between lunch and nap, we all go together. Every other day, Tuesday through Saturday, has a slightly different plan for my lesson time with E. {which is during A.'s morning nap}. And I added in prep time for lessons on a couple evenings so I can be a better teacher!

Ahhh...the feeling of triumph.

So...The Average Day chart will be put to its first test Monday morning. Si is graduating from his program on Sunday, so I will be feeling lost again come Monday. We shall see. Will Monday be chaotic? Will I be overwhelmed by trying to switch gears from out-at-graduation to we-are-at-home-again? Or will it be Average? I am hoping for the latter.