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Family Recipe: Nourishing Chili

About two years ago, I began promising to post my chili recipe, but I never followed through. When the children's allergies were eliminated, I quit posting all of my GFCF weekly meal plans, and so forgot about it.I've spent the last couple of days gearing up for taking back over the cooking in our home. Our church family has been kind enough to bring us meals every single evening during this entire ordeal. It has been wonderful to not have to fit in not only cooking, but grocery shopping, during Continue Reading

GFCF Meal Plan for Apr 7-14

We have an extra-busy week ahead, and I can't explain how helpful a meal plan is when busy times set in. If a meal plan means anything, it is that I do not have to think about meals other than once a week. I sit down on Monday, come up with a menu, come up with a shopping list, go grocery shopping, and, except for our Wednesday evening trip to Trader Joe's, the work is done.At least, the thinking work is done. As long as I plan for enough food and follow my own written instructions, everything Continue Reading