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Six Steps to Plan a Circle Time


his week at our reading group, we discussed Circle Time. We all shared what we were doing and gave each other ideas and encouragement. It was great fun. In the midst of this, when I shared, I felt my own eyes glaze over, and I wondered if any of you ever feel that way when I post my plans? So today, I thought I'd talk about how to plan Circle Time. By this, I mean some basic principles you can follow. {A Circle Time, if you are just now joining us, is a regular time when all of the family Continue Reading

Keeping December Merry and Still Getting Lessons Done


ur first Christmas after we began homeschooling was very blah. In fact, that is all I remember about it -- that feeling that it was so. much. less. than it should have been. I think part of that is due to the fact that, during the early years of our married and family life, we always traveled at Christmas time. We participated whatever was happening in the home we were visiting, rather than initiating anything ourselves. That's fine, as far as it goes, but when we were on our own, we found that Continue Reading

Scholé Sisters: Record Keeping for Encouragement

It's easy to fall into the trap of looking back and seeing all the negative. When I sit down on my prep day and look back on our week, I've got two options. On the one hand, I can immediately notice anything that didn't get done, or was badly done. {And there's a place for that, don't get me wrong.} But still, I have two hands, and on the other one, there is the idea that I can look and see the Good. I can see what did happen. And I can be encouraged. There is a big difference between Continue Reading

Seven Quick Takes: From the Mailbag Edition

I am way behind on lots of stuff: projects, blog comments, contact form submissions, and on and on. I'm behind on stuff that has to do with the blog, and behind on stuff that has nothing to do with that blog. May is always crazy for us, and I always end it by being Way Behind on Stuff.Such is life.So one purpose of this edition of Seven Quick Takes is to catch up on some of that...— 1 —When you  mentioned that sensitive scalp {aka "screams when hair is brushed syndrome"} might actually be a Continue Reading