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A Year of Reading

I know that lots of bloggers were posting their lists last week, but I have a tradition that I Do. Not. Blog. from before Christmas all the way until New Year's Day. I consider this non-negotiable because I find I enjoy the holidays much more without thinking about my writing.All of this to say, I post my lists, my analyses of how I kept my resolutions, and my new resolutions, sometime in the month of January.So today we'll talk books.In January 2011, I resolved to keep a list of books read. I Continue Reading

A Contemplation of CiRCE {Entry 2}

This past week or two, I've actually listened to a number of CiRCE Conference CDs. I enjoyed listening to E. Christian Kopf, who sounds remarkably like my high school chemistry teacher {of whom I was very fond}, and if that wasn't enough, I discovered my oldest child listening to Kopf on his own time. Why? He doesn't really know what all of it means, but he "likes the way it sounds."I'm not discussing Kopf today, though. Instead, it's Ken Myers' lecture Preparing to Lead: On Cultural Continue Reading