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Seven Quick Takes: From the Mailbag Edition

I am way behind on lots of stuff: projects, blog comments, contact form submissions, and on and on. I'm behind on stuff that has to do with the blog, and behind on stuff that has nothing to do with that blog. May is always crazy for us, and I always end it by being Way Behind on Stuff.Such is life.So one purpose of this edition of Seven Quick Takes is to catch up on some of that...— 1 —When you  mentioned that sensitive scalp {aka "screams when hair is brushed syndrome"} might actually be a Continue Reading

**Updated** Making Ambleside Work: The Gory Details

This post first appeared in February of 2010. I would call this a "rerun," except I did quite a bit of updating. I changed some parts that I thought were not clear, wrote it from the perspective of having completed an additional year of Ambleside, etc. This version deals with a more independent student. For Year One students, the original version may be more helpful. The first post was definitely what worked for me then...and this is what's working for me now.Who knows? Maybe I'll write a Continue Reading

Making Ambleside Work: The Gory Details

Amazon links are affiliate links. I love it when you click on thanks!I’m really looking into Ambleside Online and think it may be more appropriate for my children... I have NO idea how to implement AO, I mean none. I feel like I’ve read the website cover to cover, but have I missed some big page that gives me weekly ideas or instructions on how to gather materials and organize my day? How in the world do you do your lesson planning? From where do you get your ideas and material? I get Continue Reading