20 April 2012

Books Read in March

This is for my nine-year-old son, not me. Heavens, no! All I've been reading consistently is my Bible and The Roots of American Order over the past month. And, honestly, I was surprised at how little my nine-year-old read, as he usually devours twice this many books in a month, in addition to his schoolwork. In fact, I made a comment about it {sarcastic, of course} and called him a slacker.

Mom! he said. I'm just trying to get through You Can Farm and it's so long!

So, there you have it. The booklist is short, and we can blame Joel Salatin.

But anyhow, as I said before, I asked him to keep track of his free reading this year so that I can share it with you all in case you need some ideas for what a fourth grade boy might like in a book.

March Books
E.'s March Favorite
The Adventures of Joel Pepper by Margaret Sydney
Ben Pepper by Margaret Sydney
Five Little Peppers Grown Up by Margaret Sydney
Five Little Peppers Abroad by Margaret Sydney
They Grey Fairy Book by Andrew Lang
The Lilac Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

As you can see, there was a Margaret Sydney theme again in March. I think he finally finished all of the Pepper series and is on to other things for April.


  1. I just wish my son would read anything reliably outside of lessons. Someday...I hope...

    1. Just remember that my son (1) reads incredibly fast, for some reason and (2) is a naturally bookish child. All of this reading is part of his personality. I *know* that with my second child for sure I will have to assign a reading time each day, where she can choose to read whatever she likes from our free reading books, but where I will have to help her build a habit of reading.

      It is so interesting to me how different all children are from one another!

  2. This post made me laugh. My daughter is almost 8, and she's a voracious reader. She LOVES the Five Little Pepper books, but she will read anything she can get her hands on. She often raids the non-fiction shelf and can be found curled up on the sofa reading a cookbook. Or a book about potty training. She hasn't read You Can Farm yet, but it is on the shelf, so I'd imagine it's only a matter of time...

    1. A book about potty training?? That is hilarious!

      That type of child is the exact reason I keep my "adult" books up on a high shelf in my bedroom. I was afraid he'd grab A Farewell to Arms or The Second Coming or something by Vonnegut and traumatize himself! :)

      I did finally make a rule that he ought to *ask* me, just in case, before grabbing a book. That seems to have helped. :)


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