05 December 2011

Miscellaneous Musings on Monday

What a disappointing morning! Last night when I went to bed, I thought I had reserved three baby kinder goats for purchase...and just in time for Christmas! But, alas, they were not full bred, which means they will be too big to meet our zoning restrictions by the time they are grown. So sad!

In other {way more important} news...

  • Have any of you gone back over your New Year's resolutions? I've been thinking through mine a little. One in particular was to keep a list of books read {which I've been doing in a widget at the bottom of this blog}. I am horrible about starting books and then reading them so slowly that I do not finish even in a year's time. But keeping this list has helped a little. Yesterday, in some spare scraps of time, I found myself trying to finish up Raising them Right {which I've been "reading" for almost two years} and The Twilight of American Culture, just so I could check them off of my list.
  • Is beauty lost forever in this practical world of Kindles? It's a question worth asking. Kindles--even though I see the reasons for having one so well that I bought one for my son--are not beautiful in the way that my collection of antique books is beautiful. Or my more contemporary leatherbound collection, for that matter. Kindle is the epitome of practical: cheap books that don't even take up room on the shelf. Well, fine, but is beauty therefore dead? I am thrilled to say that beauty is still so alive and well that someone delightful is making books...by hand. Go and read all about it.
  • Could serving raw carrots and apples help you avoid orthodontic bills? I don't know if I'd go that far, but I did find it interesting that eating soft foods seems to be implicated in jaw underdevelopment. This doesn't mean I'll stop serving cheese, mind you. It's simply interesting.
  • Persecution in the United States? Well, now, don't be so shocked. A young man from our church is  a member of one of four Christian groups who have been put on notice by Vanderbilt University...because they have standards...for their leaders.
  • I read dead people, too. I'm just saying.
  • Let's talk education for a moment. I found this comparison between the two top-ranking countries {Korea and Finland} to be fascinating. {HT: CiRCE} So, Korea gets the highest score...and comes out on top for suicide, too. They way overachieve in suicide.{Stick with me even though I have apparently thrown proper grammar out the window today.} This is one of the things that baffles me when, for example, Obama constantly points to China as a model for education. Well, yes, if you are trying to build a world of automatons who are good at taking orders, then I suppose that educational system works. But China is not exactly known for cultivating wisdom and virtue. There is, in other words, more to the character of a nation than its children's test scores or knowledge of math facts.
  • Who belongs to the world's unreached people groups? Interestingly enough, the rich. Didn't predict that one, did you?
Alright. I'm out. If you have any interesting links to share, leave them in the comments!


  1. "Well, yes, if you are trying to build a world of automatons who are good at taking orders, then I suppose that educational system works."

    And this surprises you because?..... ;-)

    Re: the campus thing... This has been coming to a head for a long time. I'm a former InterVarsity staff member and with the rise of political correctness we all knew it was just a matter of time before this would happen. It's really sad. The hypocrisy of universities being a place to learn and yet banning groups that have a different view... What can you say?

  2. I love these posts!!! Thanks for making me THINK once in awhile! :) ;) I agree about Kindles, even though I do like it...I just love *sniffing* my old books! ;)

  3. Sallie,

    You make me laugh! I almost put a comment like that in my link, but...

    I totally agree with you that this Vanderbilt (and other colleges, too, unfortunately) has been a long time coming. So silly, though, because there isn't even a standard for the MEMBERS; just the LEADERS.


    That is a sure sign of a bibliophile--loving to sniff your books! :) I do it, too!


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