21 April 2011

The Darndest Things: Later Morning Thief

Apparently, we are on a roll today. It wasn't even 9:00am when Toddler O. came running to me.

"Mommy!! [...insert excited toddler gibberish here...] yah?" I really wasn't paying attention. I was too busy noticing what looked like food upon his face, and it didn't look anything like breakfast.

"What have you been eating?" I asked him.

"It was nummy!" he said {that is his word for yummy}. And he ran off, all the way into the kitchen, and pointed happily to the kitchen counter.

I surveyed the evidence. There on the floor was the infamous Traveling Stool which has allowed every single one of my toddlers to get into untold trouble and cause untold grief to their poor mother. Said Traveling Stool was sitting innocently next to the counter whereupon I had placed a tray of sweet potato fries.

So I suppose I can look on the bright side and console myself that he was not eating candy like his older sister.


I think it is going to be One of Those Days.


  1. Is it called the Traveling Stool because its travels take it to wherever a child might need it? :-)

  2. Indeed!

    Actually, I was thinking it was because it travels to right in front of wherever Mom happens to be walking next. ;)

  3. Oh, yes, we have a stool like that and it's often causing pain for the the parents here on the Range. Second Daughter totes it all over the house; I always try to cut her off because I know if she has the stool she's into trouble.

    We had one of those days, too. Kansas Dad even forgot to go to class -- the one he teaches!


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